How the pandemic affected me at midlife and how my coaching business was born as a result

How the pandemic affected me at midlife and how my coaching business was born as a result

The Pandemic forced  a new normal on us of all and as a result people have been left feeling unsettled, dissatisfied and questioning what they really want in life. In a lot of cases actually, they are realising what they don't need in their life, or what they need to let go of to make themselves happy.  During this time, it became clear to me that this unsettled feeling has been compounded in the over 40's women.  Probably due to societal expectations, midlife pressures coupled with the domestic and caring duties that often fall to them.  


It's not all been bad though, for many, social isolation has been a catalist for change, it's given the time to slow down and think about life and what's important for perhaps the first time in years. In some people this has manifested as job dissatisfaction; disconnection from colleagues and lack of focus or direction. With blurred boundaries between work and home life; the novetly of working from home has well and truly worn off. 

For others it's taken a toll on their relationships, forced togetherness is difficult in the best of times and for some it has already resulted in breakdown or divorce but for many it has left the with the ultimate question 'should I stay,  or should I go'.

Midlife can result in an increased waist line from hormonal changes to unhealthy habits such as home drinking and snacking but there's no doubt that working from home makes this even more of a challenge. Furthermore it has been clear to see that a reduction in activity levels from having no commute
or lunch time walk and talk has led to low mood, low energy levels and lack of me time.


Many realised where once they had felt useful as a wife, a mother, a worker, they now felt that they were going through the motions and waiting to retire.  Some are considering a career change or ending a relationship and that's scary, others want to work on being happy with what they have already got.  Many have never been taught how to deal with their emotions and need some help in gaining clarity so using a coach can provide an objective sounding board to work out the next steps.  That's where I come in and how Empowerly was born.

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