Can you help me choose?

1. Do you need a kick up the bum to get you started by having a session with me and then you're happy to get on with it on your own?



 (Additional sessions pay as you go subject to availability £150)

Limited availability - Contact me for a free 20 minute chemistry session and I'll show you the power of coaching 


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2. OR do you want more and are you ready to go all in?

If are committed and ready to start your midlife adventure and turn your menopause to your advantage?

Then choose Option 2:

12 week Happy & Confident at Midlife and Menopause Mastery Program


  • Weekly 1:1 coaching with me, delivered over Zoom or telephone to keep you accountable
  • Online support
  • Weekly group coaching sessions
  • Your Happy Menopause & Midlife Makeover course
  • Midlife Reset & Menopause Masterplan

The program will cover:

  • Mastering your menopause
  • Lifestyle, emotion, energy & habit audit
  • Getting clarity on who you are, what makes you you and what you want in life
  • Learn how to look after the most important person in your life...YOU!
  • Why you haven't been taking action & what to do about it
  • Learn how to develop healthy habits & remove unhealthy habits for good
  • How to get the support you need & making yourself a priority
  • Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food, alcohol & exercise
  • Confidence building for body, mind & soul


This program is valued at £2677


11 individual weekly 1 to 1 coaching sessions worth £1650
Individual Assessment and Masterplan worth £180
Online course worth £247
12 group weekly coaching sessions worth £600


I won't charge you that!

RRP £2677

Your price £1997


But I'm not stopping there!!!


For the first 10 people I will give a total discount of 60% off the RRP. 


Doors opening 1st JULY!!! - don't miss out, order pre-launch to secure your place!


Limited availability - Contact me for a free 20 minute chemistry session and I'll show you the power of coaching


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 3. Do you prefer to work alone, at your own pace and in your own time?  

If that's the case I  don't want anyone to miss out.  It's my mission is to help as many people as I can.

So try my online course:

Your Happy Menopause & Midlife Makeover Online Course

Order pre-launch & save over 60%

Usual price £247

Contact me to order - COMING 1st JUNE!!! I'm super excited about this because it will mean that I can help more people!


Yours for an incredible price of for a limited time only


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