How I work

I work with a limited number of selected clients only


Why do I limit the number of clients?

I make my clients my number one priority; I am passionate about helping you to make midlife YOUR best life.

I too am still going through the peri-menopause and understand how important energy management is not only for our body but also for our mind and as a solo entrepreneur there is only one of me unfortunately

Through working on myself by using the very tools, techniques and strategies that I'll be sharing as part of my program, I've learnt to value and respect myself and my energy.  With this in mind I made a conscious decision to only work on a one to basis with clients who I genuinely believe that I can help, who are committed to change and who I vibe with and they vibe with me

For this reason I carefully and personally select a limited number of clients to work with which also means that you get very individual attention and focus so that you can get the results that you want from your midlife transition.


How do I select my clients?

I'll sum it up with three words:

Vibe, Values & Commitment


By selecting only the clients that I feel a connection with and who I deeply believe I can help and who I believe are committed to process and ready to do the work I am able to achieve this in abundance. This is an essential element to me for both parties involved, client and coach.