Menopause or Midlife Crisis

Is it menopause?

Are you feeling rubbish and wondering if you are beginning the peri-menopause and unsure what to do.  I will support on your journey to finding out. Whether it is or not there is always always a way to make your life better.  Midlife is the perfect opportunity to revaluate, rejuvenate, reinvent and re invigorate your life.  

You are not going crazy, let's turn this around together...

If you're experiencing any or many of the symptoms below and you're edging towards late 30's, early 40's or into your 40's and 50's, you might be having symptoms related to peri menopause. 

In case you didn't know (I didn't!) peri menopause is the time leading up to the menopause (which can be in your 30's!). Menopause occurs 12 months after your last period (typically aged 51).

We have been mislead and miss-informed.  I want to rectify that. 



Symptoms of Peri-Menopause 

Difficulty concentrating

Weight gain

Dizzy spells


Stress incontenance

Brittle nails


Irregular heart beat

Body odour changes


Panic disorder


Hot flushes

Night sweats 

Disrupted sleep

Hair loss

Memory lapses

Irregular periods

Mood swings

Vagina dryness

Decreased libido


Breast soreness

Burning mouth

Joint pain

Digestive problems

Electric shocks

Muscles tension

Gum problems

Tingling extremeties

Itchy skin (formication)





Is it a Midlife Crisis?

Instead of thinking of it as a midlife crisis, see it as a midlife AWAKENING.


What if we could make the 2nd half of your life the BEST half of your life? 


I can help you do just that.  But why do I feel like this when I have everything I wanted you might ask.  Let me share what I think has happened.

Following the pandemic we've all been left thinking 'what is the new normal?' 

The pandemic has been a catalyst for us to reflect on what we actually want out of life.  At midlife this becomes even more apparent as we become aware that life is indeed short and we're half way through.  Scary thought, I know!  

Following this reflection some of us have been feeling unsatisfied, unfulfilled or darn right angry! 


Let go of the shame.  

Let go of the stigma.  


We don't have to whisper about menopause anymore and we don't have be the butt of jokes about midlife crisis. Sod that for a game of soldiers!

So if you've always wanted to skydive, get a new job, go topless (in a sports car, I know what you was thinking). Or you just want to find out what makes you smile and let go of the guilt, now is YOUR time to do so.

Let's explore together how you can live the life of your dreams.  Menopause or no menopause!  Welcome to your Midlife Awakening....

Menopause or not, whatever it is that's stopping you from living the happy life you crave I can help.  You don't have to muddle on alone, you've tried that and it doesn't work...


Together we can work on:

  • Food habits
  • Exercise habits
  • Sleep habits
  • Pleasure habits
  • Relationship happiness
  • Career fulfilment
  • Mental & Emotional Health
  • Your Support System

Let's do this!